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1173 "Ovarian Cancer Is A Devastating Disease - But It Is Not Caused By The Cosmetic-grade Talc We Have Used In Johnson's Baby Powder For Decades LOS ANGELES -- A judge on Friday tossed out a $417 million jury award to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer by using Johnson & Johnso... DelorisN375067050 2019.07.20
1172 Marinello Said There Could Be A Battle For Ownership Of The Recovered Paintings ROME - A Paul Gauguin still life stolen from a wealthy collector's home in Britain has been recovered after hanging for 40 years in a Sicilian autowork... TomCaley351587386 2019.07.20
1171 If You Have A Health Problem That Doesn't Respond To Any Of The Current Treatments, You Might Want To See If There's Any Thing Else Being Tested That Might Help You What Are Clinical Trials? Clinical trials are the way we test new drugs and treatments for safety and effectiveness before they become available for ev... Chase1827875494485109 2019.07.20
1170 Remembering Chris Rosati, Who Spread Happiness While Battling ALS For the past four years, CBS News has been following a North Carolina man's journey to make the world a better place.  Unfortunately, Chris Rosati's jo... SteveConsiden83 2019.07.20
1169 Government, It Broadcast American Culture And Music To People Inside The Soviet Bloc For more than 50 years, the CIA kept a literary secret. The agency used a classic novel to subvert the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The Cold War was a... KazukoApplegate4772 2019.07.20
1168 "It Is A Very Difficult Search - The Most Difficult In Human History PERTH, Australia -- Leaders of the two countries heading multinational efforts to solve the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 pledged Thursday th... AlissaVry72897772 2019.07.20
1167 Furthermore, There Are Some Doctors Who Want To Wait And See What The Long-term Results Are Before They Are Convinced That Beating Heart Surgery Is Really A Better Way Of Performing Bypass Surgery It's called beating heart surgery. Doctors are now able to use the latest technology to operate directly on the beating heart, which reduces complicati... NatishaCollett30 2019.07.20
1166 Action.  RELATED: Lindsay Lohan's Courtroom Couture  Michael Said That Over The Last Few Weeks He Reached Out To Dina To "put VirgilioPiesse9 2019.07.20
1165 When Reporters Asked If He Knew What He Was Voting On, Ford Said, "Forget It, Guys." The Mayor's Brother, City Councilor Doug Ford, Defended Him, Saying Voting Errors Are Often Made In Council And No One Should Take Offense TORONTO -- What could be controversial about the city of Toronto congratulating Canada's Olympic and Paralympic athletes? Ask Rob Ford, the Toronto may... AdaTillyard90747848 2019.07.20
1164 I Was Really Curvy When I Was Pregnant And I Gained A Lot Of Weight, Really." Asked What Her Definition Of "a Lot Of Weight Is," Lima Said, "Something Over 40 Pounds (CBS News) Some of the world's most beautiful women -- in the season's hottest lingerie -- will be on stage for Tuesday night's annual Victoria's Secre... VMZZara68723728134689 2019.07.20
1163 Afterward, Johnson Was Stuffed Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports on the results and the controversy over this procedure. After Rooks' surgery, Dr. Mathias Fobi was optimistic. "In... NatashaVirgin60048 2019.07.20
1162 Believes Lindsay Is Abusing. "I Believe It's Alcohol, Cocaine, And Then 바카라사이트 LonnieJowett351237 2019.07.20
1161 North Korea's Fledging Space Program Now Has An Impressive-sounding Name -- With An Unintentionally Humorous Acronym North Korea's fledging space program now has an impressive-sounding name -- with an unintentionally humorous acronym. It has also adopted a logo that l... EloiseTavares797 2019.07.20
1160 Companies Send The FDA Documents Summarizing The Information And Data They Have Generated To Demonstrate That A Bioengineered Food Is As Safe As The Conventional Food At least 40 common vegetables, dairy products, and hundreds of processed foods contain genes from viruses, bacteria, insects, flowers and even animals.... RodrigoGwynn5217597 2019.07.20
1159 Some Companies And Airlines Now Have Them, And Many Local Governments Are Considering Them Heart disease is the leading killer of men and women in this country. Almost half a million people die each year. The good news is that we are winning ... NigelEgi9508281647 2019.07.20
1158 Another Program Paid Jazz Musicians To Tour And Perform To Showcase The Creativity And Glamour Of American Artists For more than 50 years, the CIA kept a literary secret. The agency used a classic novel to subvert the Soviet Union in the Cold War. The Cold War was a... Gay766679555727 2019.07.20
1157 Investments In Fossil Fuels Such As Oil And Coal Would Have To Drop By $30 Billion A Year, While Spending On Renewables Would Have To Go Up By $147 Billion Annually, According To A Leaked Draft Of The Report Sent To Governments In December After concluding that global warming almost certainly is man-made and poses a grave threat to humanity, the U.N.-sponsored expert panel on climate chan... CedricMacmillan39 2019.07.20
1156 We Did Not Act Quickly Enough After The Killing Began KIGALI, Rwanda - Sorrowful wails and uncontrollable sobs resounded Monday as thousands of Rwandans packed the country's main sports stadium to mark the... VelmaWarren654649 2019.07.20
1155 Most Are Employed In The Construction Industry And Other Blue-collar Jobs, Though There Are Also Large Numbers Of Indian Professionals And Businesspeople In The Country DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Emirates airline crewmembers found a passenger bleeding heavily on a flight from Dubai to India after he apparently tried... LetaODowd14940468545 2019.07.20
1154 I'm Just Incredibly Angry," Shaw Says With that promise comes great pressure on the government to approve the drugs, even before all potential side-effects are known. CBS News' Sharyl Attki... SylviaCatlett3061152 2019.07.20
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